Find Healthy Recipes On TikTok | 5 Must-Follow TikTok Foodies


People love YouTube but they don’t like to watch too long videos. People love to watch short videos and the developers of TikTok understand that. That’s why they created TikTok in the first place, to share short videos that people can manage to take time and watch.

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Create Food Videos On Tiktok

Most of us are familiar with YouTube, the video streaming service. And like YouTube, TikTok is not just a place to watch short videos but also a place to create and share your own short videos.

TikTok is an app that allows users to create short, creative videos. They can also share their content with friends and other social media outlets. While there are many tutorials on the app, it’s really easy to find quick ones that don’t take too much time to make. It’s even easy to get a lot of TikTok views (Try this) just through a simple boost.

Food Content Creators Are Now On TikTok

If you are a foodie and love to cook but don’t want to watch long tutorials, then you should go to TikTok. Here are 5 people to follow for healthy cooking.


Kate Goodell is an award-winning plant-based chef with a huge following on TikTok. She has over 6 million likes with almost 200k followers. She uses the platform to share recipes that are easy to make at home. Her videos range from vegan pizza, vegan macaroni and cheese, vegan tacos, and many other dishes that are healthy but still delicious.


Ilana Muhlstein, RD, is Nutrition Babe. He is a registered dietitian who has over 1 million followers on TikTok. She’s into healthy recipes that are easy to make at home. Try her eggplant pepper dip and scallion pancakes. You will love following her because she is naturally funny too.


The internet is a great place for finding people doing what you like but it’s not always easy to find an expert in a particular field. That’s why this registered dietitian has created her own TikTok channel. She posts videos of her cooking, healthy recipes, and tips on how to stay healthy on the go!


Feel Good Foodie is a TikTok account one shouldn’t miss. This account makes eating healthy fun. Yumna Jawad is the person behind this “healthy” TikTok account. There are tons of recipes featured on Yumna Jawad’s account that you can try for yourself, and she has lots of tips to help you stay on track with your diet too.


Arielle Lorre is the founder of “The Blonde Files” and her food looks dreamy. She has a couple of standouts: her vegan mac-and-cheese and whipped matcha. If you’re into fitness, Arielle also shares workout videos and things about being a blonde.