Add Coffee To Your Cooking To Bring Momentum To Life


You can easily cook with coffee. The best hot drink in the morning is now the latest craze in cooking. Coffee just good for the creation of desserts, but the cooking of hearty coffee recipes. Coffee also brings culinary momentum to your kitchen.


Everyone can cook with coffee and will be rewarded with excellent taste. Cooking with coffee opens up a new dimension of taste. In addition, it is also easy for beginners. You can carefully approach yourself to brew coffee with Breville espresso machine or by refining coffee or using coffee as a spice. If you are a little more experienced afterwards, you should try delicious coffee recipes. Hearty coffee dishes are excellent as a hearty lunch or as a fancy dinner.

Pasta dish

Cook with coffee or use coffee as a spice first. Coffee dishes such as pickled salmon in saffron or pasta with mushrooms and coffee foamtaste delicious. Espresso goes well with many dishes and comes in the form of roasted beans in many dishes as a flavor carrier. If you are not yet confident enough to try out the coffee recipes, you can take small steps first. Try using coffee as a spice before cooking coffee recipes. Many commercially available spice blends already contain coffee. You can use coffee very well as a rub. The Rub is a spice mixture that is suitable for rubbing meat in before roasting. As soon as the rub is heated during frying, more flavors are released to the meat. If you want to make a rub for 6 steaks, grind 2 tablespoons of coffee beans with 2 teaspoons of black pepper, a teaspoon of coriander seeds and some cumin. Then mix two teaspoons of brown cane sugar, two teaspoons of paprika powder, a teaspoon of cocoa and some Worcester sauce. Rub the steaks with the rub and fry them.

Pumpkin soup

Feel the hearty coffee recipes with the pumpkin coffee soup. The pumpkin coffee soupdiffers only slightly from the pumpkin soup, but offers a different taste experience. If you are still skeptical about the coffee recipes, the pumpkin coffee soup is perfect for completely convincing you. First braise two finely chopped onions in butter, then add 80 g of chopped carrots. Let the food simmer for three minutes. Cut the pumpkin into small pieces and put it in the pot. Add the vegetable stock and let everything cook. Then puree the soup. Then add about 100 ml of cream and 40 g of freshly ground coffee beans to the soup. Now refine the soup with a little salt and pepper. It’s so easy to cook with coffee. You can also use ground coffee to garnish the soup. After all, it’s a pumpkin coffee soup.