After-Party Clean-Up Strategies to Make You Still Want to Host a Social Gathering


Hosting a party is fun until the celebration wraps up and you are left to deal with all the mess. The mere thought of all the plates, glasses, tableware and whatnots piled up in the kitchen makes you wonder if you will ever host another party again.

Actually the after-party tasks will not be as tiresome as it may seem, if you have someone or at least a Roomba, to assist you in tackling all the mess. Keeping a robot vacuum cleaner handy anytime you need it will not make you think twice about hosting another party at your place. Although it would also be best if you have some clean up strategies to follow to make the entire cleaning process easier, for you and your Roomba.

After Party Clean-Up Tips to Remember When Hosting a Social Gathering

Cleaning up after a gathering also requires some forward-thinking plan on how to tackle the mess. That way, you can savor all the fun you had in hosting a celebratory or traditional holiday event. The following are some after-party clean-up tips to include in you pre-party plans:

    • First off, use disposable party wares and table linens; but be sure to buy the eco-friendly ones. In fact you can invest in some reusable paper-lined platters instead of buying conventional paper plates. Besides, party platters are more manageable if guests will not be formally seated at the dining table.
    • Keep in mind that the disposable tablecloth can serve a dual purpose once you get to the point of keeping all the leftovers and disposing the throwables. You can use it as an extra receptacle in which to dump table wastes, before rolling and throwing it away.
    • Place extra-trash collection bags or bins where guests can throw in empty paper cups, bottles and soda cans. Be sure to line the bins with trash bags so you can just haul out the whole collection. You can also place a sign above it to let your guests know that the trash container is dedicated for such purpose.
    • Keep extra trash bags handy for replacements before the receptacles fill to the brim. Now if some guests simply keep their cans,cups and bottles lying around somewhere, it would be best for you throw them in the receptacles the moment you chance upon empty liquid containers.
    • Get your dishwasher working on the non-disposable plates and utensils the moment you think your presence is not needed.
    • If your Roomba vacuum cleaner is the model that can be programmed to clean only within a specific area, such as the dining room and kitchen, let the robot take care of the litter and the spills even before the party is over. Just make sure to keep it running in areas where its vacuuming noise will not be a bother
  • . In case you are still planning on buying a Roomba, look up some Roomba Comparison blogs, to help you decide on the kind of model that can serve you best, especially for after-party clean ups.

The bottom line about clean-up strategies is to take note of how a party mess builds-up every time you host a gathering. The next time you plan on hosting another party, devise ways on how to avoid the accumulation of massive mess that makes after-party clean-ups a terrible chore.
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