Don’t Miss Out On A Serp Checker’s Advantages And Popular Food And Drink Keywords To Appear In Search Engine Results Pages


The best place to find potential customers so as to increase your leads and sales is on the World Wide Web. In this modern age, the Web is the most visited place to look for just about any information. However, in order to carry out a search on the Web, a search engine is needed. For years, Google has been the most popular and best search engines. It is also the largest with a worldwide search engine market share of 92.12%. Also included among the best search engines are Bing, Baidu, Yahoo, Yandex, Ask, DuckDuckGo, Naver, AOL and Seznam.

Search engines not only make it possible for people to search the Web for information, but also provide them the best relevant content on the Web. However, in order for search engines to provide those content, the searcher has to input on the search box of the search engine keywords that will guide the search engine to locate webpages containing the content needed by the searcher. The webpages are ranked from most to less relevant and are displayed on the search engine results pages (SERPs). If you have content online, you want search engines to locate your webpage as well as to rank highly in order to emerge on SERPs, making your webpage visible to the searcher.

SERP Checker’s Advantages That You Shouldn’t Pass Over

A serp checker is a tool that you need to know how your content are ranking on search engines based on your keywords. Moreover, if you want your business or brand to be known and to grow, a serp checker’s advantages are something that you should know, understand and shouldn’t let pass or disregard.

A serp checker provides you valuable data and metrics on how your webpages are performing in search results. With those metrics, you can identify which of your pages are doing great and which that aren’t, allowing you to make any necessary changes or additions to your content or keywords so as to improve the performance or ranking of your pages. The higher its rank, the more visible it is to your audience.

Apart from how your pages are performing, you can also track your competitor’s performance on search results as well. By knowing this, you can make improvements to your SEO strategies if your competitors are beating you in search results. On the other hand, if you are beating your competitors, you know your strategies are effective strengthening them them further to make certain you’re still on the lead.

When it comes to web traffic, a serp checker can provide you details on which of your pages are getting more traffic, which aren’t driving traffic, or if your webpage experiences an unexpected drop in traffic. This allows you to determine the issue/s and be able to resolve it immediately with the proper measures and strategies. To find out more about a serp checker’s advantages, check out

Most Searched Keywords In the Food and Drink Industry To Consider Using

The World Wide Web is where you can find customers, not only in your local area but worldwide as well. Because of this, increasingly more businesses and brands run and manage their website to have an online presence. This includes brands and businesses in the food and beverage industry.

Food and beverage are perishable products. Regardless, more and more food and drink businesses/brands still make certain they have an online presence as digital marketing is an essential these days. However, with the millions of websites on the Web belonging to businesses and brands from the food and drink industry as well as from other industries, you need to make certain your keywords are strong enough for your page to be regarded as relevant and appear on the top pages of SERPs. That said, below are the top 20 food and drink keywords used by searchers and their search volumes according

  1. food – 6,120,000
  2. food processor – 246,000
  3. food service – 33,100
  4. food and drink – 22,200
  5. f&b – 14,800
  6. food industry – 12,100
  7. food and beverage service – 8,100
  8. food & beverage – 5,400
  9. food processing industry – 4,400
  10. food and beverage manager – 4,400
  11. food and beverage industry – 3,600
  12. food service jobs – 3,600
  13. food beverage – 2,400
  14. beverage industry – 2,400
  15. food service companies – 2,400
  16. f&b service – 2,400
  17. food service worker – 1,900
  18. food industry jobs – 1,900
  19. food service industry – 1,900
  20. food & drink – 1,900