Food Sharing Apps that Save Food



apps-foodFood sharing apps and platforms (how to jailbreak iOS 15) are designed to help you tackle food waste. The motto is not to throw it away, but to share it. Currently, there are many providers.

1. Food sharing app “TooGoodToGo”

Too Good To Go is primarily aimed at companies such as supermarkets, restaurants, and bakeries. Owners can offer surplus or unsold items in the app. Users can then buy these at a reasonable price. In this way, the app creates a connection between the enterprise and the consumer and benefits both.

– In many catering facilities, it is not easy to take action on food waste. For hygienic reasons, the shop will no longer be allowed to sell some items and will have to dispose of them instead. Many foods are still completely safe to eat.
– After registration, users will be able to see all participating companies in the region on a map. A variety of foods are provided in the app. Sometimes you can buy whole dishes cheaply. – Surprise packages, so-called magic bags, can be booked at some shops. It can be received in the field within a certain period of time.
– The Too Good To Go app is available for free on both Android and Apple devices.

2. Oil

The main goal of the Olio app is to network neighbors with each other. The structure is similar to a traditional sales platform. Food will be set and will be available for purchase by others. The message function facilitates communication.

– Olio Features: In addition to unique dishes, you can also arrange the whole dish. This is especially useful if you cook too much and don’t run out of food in time.
– The Olio app is not yet popular in Germany, but it is available in more than 40 countries and may be useful for vacations abroad.
– This app is available for free from the Google Play Store and App Store. However, it is currently only available in English and Spanish.


3. UXA

The UXA app also focuses on food rescue in the private sector.

– As with providers prior to groceries can be set using the app. The expiration date is also displayed. Interested users can request an article for each message.
– You can also set a search agent for a specific food in the app. Users will be notified as soon as these are available nearby.
– This app is especially popular in big cities, so there are far more providers than in the country.
– This app is available for free on Android and Apple.

4. Etepetete

Too Small, Too Big, Too Bent: Food sharing provider Etepetete relies on unsightly and unpopular foods in supermarkets. It’s about small scratched fruits and vegetables that are often not bought or even organized.

– At Etepetete, fruits and vegetables reach customers’ homes directly from the fields of organic farmers.
– Customers can choose from a variety of boxes. This includes non-perfect foods that are usually lying in supermarkets.
– On the website, you can choose from six boxes to specify the desired delivery cycle (weekly or every two weeks) and the desired date.
– The price of the box is 20-35 euros.

5. Share food

Even in food sharing, you can distribute groceries for individuals and shops with the app. Next is the so-called fair divider. These are publicly accessible refrigerators where providers can store their food.

– Like other providers, users can network and serve food to share on their online platforms. – However, the special thing about food sharing is the fair partition. Here you can find an overview of all the locations available. Anyone can take the food in the fridge home for free. – So far, the app is only available to Android users. You can get it for free from the Google Play store.