Make The Most Of Your Summer Dining And Drinking Opportunities


Customers have been waiting a long time to fully enjoy their dining and drinking experiences once more. And it’s clear that summer 2021 will be a watershed moment for the hospitality industry, as vaccination rates rise and businesses reopen their doors to welcome guests and if you live in Germany and there is the nearest restaurant book your bahn fahrplan now! Customers are more hungry (and thirstier!) than ever before to visit their favorite restaurants and bars, according to statistics. Around 90% of those polled said they had missed a restaurant visit1, and more than 30% said they planned to visit restaurants in the first week after they reopened. Furthermore, after vaccination, 49% of Groupon customers said “eating out” was the thing they were most looking forward to (Purchase Likelihood Survey, March 2021, Global Results). Millions of people are looking forward to getting out again, seeing their families and friends, and socializing. And what better way to do it than with a delectable meal, a vibrant cock part, a fun cooking class, or a delectable tasting? You need to get the word out and get those customers back through your door if you want to make sure your company is on the top of their list when they make these plans.

In the summer of 2021, here are some top tips for companies in the food and beverage industry

Summer is always a busy season for bars and restaurants, and now that foodies have a year to catch up, the months ahead offer businesses a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to expand their reach.

Form collaborations

Other businesses in your area, whether they’re shops, museums, or motels, are just as eager for new and returning customers. A local hotel, for example, might want to add you to their list of recommended restaurants for guests or promote your upcoming dining event by displaying posters and coupons for their brand new spa. Contact each other to see if you can assist each other with flyers or discounts on each other’s services.

Menus for special occasions and holidays

During important holidays or events, try to conjure up special menus for customers. To commemorate the Tokyo Olympics, add masterful sushi to the menu. Cooking classes for children, live masterclasses with chefs, and/or a burger-cooking event in the sun are all good special event ideas.

Live entertainment

Customers have been waiting all year to visit your business. So why not combine your dining experience with something else you’ve been looking forward to, like a stand-up comedy show or live music?

Make your online presence unique

It’s time to get your website back on track if it took a back seat during the pandemic. Editing information such as social media accounts, addresses, and phone numbers increases your chances of being found and puts you back on the map for local customers.

Continue with the delivery service

How many restaurants have you invested in an efficient and friendly pick-up/delivery service during the pandemic – in order to satisfy customers in a particularly flexible manner? If so, keep offering it because some customers may still be scared of going out. As a special extra, you can offer summer drinks and refreshing delicacies such as ice cream, which customers can then enjoy on their own balcony or in their own garden.

Inspiration for food and drink

Some businesses are making small but significant changes to how they greet and receive customers, and the results are having a big impact. Check out these incredible success stories to see if they can serve as motivation for your own company.