Marketing Tips Food and Drinks Businesses Can Use to Gain Instagram Followers


Instagram food business Social media marketer Famoid, shares some marketing tips that ( newbie food and drinks entrepreneurs might find helpful. Instagram after all, is a popular go-to social media site when promoting food and drinks businesses. In fact, even customers love sharing photos of the food they ordered, especially when celebrating in a fine dining restaurant.

First off, have awareness that Instagram has a Stories Ad feature that can help make your marketing campaigns more powerful and therefore productive.

What Exactly is an Instagram Stories Ad?

An IG Stories Ad is a video or photo advertisement in full-screen vertical format that lasts about 15 seconds, and placed in between a user’s Instagram Stories. The Stories Ads serve as related video or photo commercials whenever an IG Story is being viewed.

chef f0od storyboardInstagram Stories Ads have clear distinctions as short commercial clips because it is mandatory to label them as “Sponsored” content. However, an IG business account can access this marketing tool if already has at least 10K followers

The Instagram Stories Ad though is an advertising tool available only to IG business accounts that have at least 10,000 followers. Therefore entrepreneurs marketing their products by way of IG Reels or Stories must aim to attract and convert viewers into followers to earn the privilege of being able to add Stories Ads to their garner regular Reels and Stories content.

That’s where Famoid Marketing Tips come in useful for owners of

businesses, striving to cope with the intricacies of Instagram Marketing on their own.

Marketing Tips When Launching Campaigns via Instagram Stories and Reels

The goal in crafting IG Stories and Reels is not just to display your products but also to create an emotional connection between your target audience and the food served by your establishment.

Create a Connection between Target Audience Through Storytelling

An emotional connection between the images and the viewers can be achieved by adding details to the photographs. Let’s say you are serving Southern style home-cooked meals based on recipes handed down by different generations of kitchen masters.

Some Southern food-loving residents who do not have roots in any of the southern states can easily be piqued by captions about the kind of dishes prepared as celebratory feasts in the opulent Southern mansions of long ago.

Aim to create Stories that your food and beverage  business can easily narrate by way of photographs.

Get Your Posts Appearing as Top Feeds

The Instagram app basically interfaces with users as a provider of news feeds of the latest regular posts. The Reels and Stories are different because they appear as features of the Explore Pages and shown to all IG users based on categories, rather than on a per user account basis.

The purpose here is to give IG users the chance to discover Reels and Stories created by users, who for some reason or another, are not followers or are not being followed. So if you are in the food and drink business, create Reels and Stories that have a lot of aesthetic appeal and emotional value that will connect your posts to your target audience. Moreover, encourage your viewers to leave comments or give suggestions.

Know that creator and viewer interactions are important because the communication transpiring between them denotes that the content has some interesting points of discussions or exchange of views.