Prevention: Food Allergies


Imagine this, you have a very special occasion tomorrow that requires you to look your absolute best. So you spent weeks, months even to prep your skin, hair, your nails, of course, your outfit and everything is all set days before. But, because life is very loving and knows how to throw perfect tricks every now and then, you also had the perfect timing to know about your food allergy. Well, its too late isn’t it? you’ve already eaten that trigger food and now you have big reddish spots all over your body that will definitely show up in that dress and can be difficult to hide with makeup but maybe with

Things That Can Help With Your Allergies

Not knowing your allergies can definitely be a bummer especially when timed to special occasions. It can be very beneficial to always go for allergen tests to know about these things, not only to skip the hassle it can bring about during unwanted times but also, allergies can be very dangerous and at most, deadly. Most allergies are found about during earlier years of an individual, especially with ones that pertain to dairy that includes milk, or wheat that includes pastries. Some though are pertained to allergens that are not that common, which leads to late discovery of said individuals.

Most signs of an allergic reaction that are more than swelling spots on the skin are vomiting, difficulty with breathing or tightening on the throat part, and can even be diarrhea. These things are the initial reactions of the body to throw off and excrete the allergen that is detected as foreign and harmful inside your body. Antihistamines are medications that should be taken before eating or being exposed to any potential allergen, this can eliminate swelling if your allergy is not severe, or if it is, it can be controlled and eliminates the danger with the difficulty in breathing.