10 Best Snacks to Eat According to Gamers


Gamer girl eating pizza while playing


Snacking while gaming, actually we all do it sometimes. After we get a new game from game downloads, we always tend to find something to nibble on.

We were curious about the ultimate game snack, so we asked gamers what the best game snack is. Read the answers here! Please note: you may get hungry from this article.

10. Ice cream, bell pepper, and fruit

Ice cream is a popular snack: in Europe alone, an average of 25 billion ice creams are eaten per year. Yet it turns out not to be as popular as a snack among gamers, because ice cream, together with peppers and fruit, ends up in last place in the list of best game snacks.

In a shared tenth place are these snacks with only one percent of the votes each. We can agree with that: ice cream melts naturally during a game of gaming (especially in games that you can’t pause to take a bite), fruit is too healthy and who voluntarily eats peppers?

9. Worst

Smoked sausage, knakworst, metworst, chorizo, salami, liver sausage, cocktail sausages, you name it. This savory snack comes in all shapes and sizes, and thus seems ideal as a snack while gaming. A plateau à la the photo above and gaming!

8. Cucumber, cheese, chocolate, and others

At first glance, this title seems to be a very dirty combination. Fortunately, we also don’t mean that you have to eat these snacks all at once: they are on a page with each other because they received the same number of votes. All these snacks accounted for only 3 percent of the total votes per piece.

7. Cookies

From biscuits to chocolate chip cookies, from multigrain to Oreos, from stroopwafels to sultanas. Cookies come in all flavors, shapes, and sizes.

6. Nuts

Salty peanuts, cashew nuts, cocktail nuts, chocolate peanuts, macadamias: or nuts! These refreshments make a good snack for gaming, as noted in the comments last week. It eats away quickly and at least you won’t get greasy hands from it! Because which gamer is waiting for greasy hands while gaming? (Although of course, you can easily solve this with a napkin or something similar.)

Nevertheless, nuts did not come out as the winner, but this game snack ended up in a sixth place with 6 percent of the votes.


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5. Pizza

Pizza, who doesn’t love it?! The largest pizza ever made dates from 2012: this giant pizza was made by Italian chefs, was 1200 square meters in size, and had a diameter of 39 meters.

Pizza is in fifth place in the list of best game snacks, winning 8 percent of the vote. While pizza is good as a mouthwatering snack, it may not be as practical to eat while gaming. In America, by the way, they are already crazy about pizza: there, 350 pieces of pizza are devoured per second.

4. Sweets

Sugary candy is apparently doing well among gamers! Not surprising: at least your hands don’t get that dirty from snacking, and most sweets are ideal snack sizes so you can easily snack while gaming. That’s why sweets come in fourth place.

3. Snacks from the oven/fryer

Chicken nuggets, spring rolls, cheese stalks: tastierrr! Snacks from the oven are very tasty of course, as long as you do not burn your mouth. Unfortunately, these snacks are not only delicious but also quite fatty: that’s why it’s sometimes difficult to eat them while you’re gaming. These snacks are in third place with 15 percent of the votes!

2. Chips

A bowl of chips next to you while gaming: it eats away easily and this savory snack is actually ideal while gaming. Chips can actually be voted the best game snack. Of course, you can also go in all directions with it, because you have chips in all kinds of different flavors. If you want to be healthy, you even have vegetable chips.

That’s why chips are in a well-deserved second place with 17 percent of the vote!

1. Nothing

Now for the most surprising answer: the most chosen game snack is… nothing! The majority of voters indicated that they did not eat anything at all while gaming.

Mentioned reasons were mainly those greasy hands on a controller, which spoils the playing pleasure enormously for many. That’s why not eating snacks came out on top, with 23 percent of the vote! Our advice is to use a napkin: that way you can continue to snack and play games.