Feeding Plan For Dog Mothers And Their Puppies


Female dogs fed with a balanced, raw diet are more fertile, enjoy lighter pregnancies, and have healthier puppies. When raised with raw food, puppies themselves live longer and grow healthier. The reason for this is that a well-balanced, raw diet is the most natural, biologically appropriate diet for them.

Imagine generation after generation of people eating the wrong food. You know from what happens in developing countries that a poor diet leads to lower fertility, poor health, and shorter life expectancy. In contrast, people who eat what nature intended for them enjoy higher fertility, better health, and longer life spans.

Dogs are no different in this respect. To achieve optimal health, they need a diet that is most natural to them. These are raw meat, raw bones, and a certain amount of plant species. For grooming before pregnancy, you should buy nail clippers for Chihuahuas and other essential grooming tools. In doing so, you can avoid your dogs to hurt their puppies after giving birth.

The relationship between diet and genetic predisposition

There is a lot of talk about how overbreeding causes all sorts of genetic health conditions in dogs. While this is true, it distracts from another possible cause which is processed food.

Processed food has two serious disadvantages. First, there is a serious deficiency in the nutrients that dogs need to maintain good health. Second, it covers ingredients that actually harm a dog’s health. When specialists describe a health problem as “genetic,” they might be overlooking something more obvious. It is the effect of feeding generation after generation of dogs processed food.

Natural nutrition for nursing mothers and expectant mothers

Mothers and mothers-to-be need more food than other adult dogs. Apart from the amount, there is no difference in the way they should be fed.

Before the mother-to-be goes into overdrive, you should begin to slightly increase the amount of food she receives. Reduce the amount of vegetables in her diet. Give her more eggs and chicken wings. If you are worried that you may be having trouble conceiving, you may want to consider some additional supplements, such as cod liver oil, vitamin E, B complex, vitamin C, and foods high in zinc. Do not add supplements without seeking professional advice.

Be careful with foods especially commercial ones to which glucosamine has been added, as it can interfere with conception. The idea is for the dog to put on a little weight around the time of mating because her body will respond to the increased food intake by increasing hormone production. This in turn will lead to greater fertility.