Drinking Smoothies While Your on Ketosis


Definitely, it is such a surprising idea to have smoothies while you’re on keto. The mere fact that fruits have high levels of natural sugars which will then be converted to carbs, smoothies would rather be restricted, at any point, on a ketogenic diet. Let’s take banana, the most common smoothie ingredient, as an example. Banana has a net carbs of about 30 grams. This carbohydrates level would automatically kick you out of ketosis.

A serving of fruit which is equivalent to ½ cup can have around 15 grams of carbohydrates. Generally, lots of people consume around greater than one serving.

Then, why are those keto cookbook contain smoothie recipes? Why do some of the best keto cookbook feature smoothie as their recommended meal for the day? Various recipes that are keto-friendly are available that you may even found at Surprisingly, when it comes to smoothie recipes there is a tweak to make it good on ketosis. Instead of using fruits as a base, change it to vegetables to achieve a keto-friendly smoothie which could also be a great refreshing summer drink.


Keto-friendly Smoothies


Feeling excited to make a creamy and delightful smoothie? Here are some keto-friendly smoothie suggestions for you.




A perfect chocolatey treat for those keto dieters who are always on-the-go, this keto-friendly smoothie can definitely boosts your energy. Good benefits of this smoothie on ketosis is that it provides monounsaturated fats and low protein due to its macadamia nuts content. Moreover, the cacao, which is rich in antioxidant, maintains healthy gut. The dessert-like taste is a bonus point.



It is always a reward to embrace the comforting steam of chai tea latte every morning. However, its sugar content would always be the battle neck on ketogenic diet. So, to make it keto-friendly, add up some unsweetened almond milk. Also, don’t forget to put some drops of vegan vanilla protein and pinch of cinnamon. A chai breakfast that’s perfect for your taste buds and for your diet plan.



Don’t get mad on the bitter-tasting ingredients like chicory, dandelion, and lemon. And to add those herbs like milk thistle, parsley, and turmeric in the bitterness. All of those support the body in digesting large amount of fats during a keto diet. Their workforce focuses on digestive system, gallbladder, and the liver. This is to make the entire body function continuously and operate in a maximum speed while on keto.