Food and Diet for Ferret


Ferret are animals that are not widely known, they are known as insectivores, but when it come the food they eat, they are not that choosy because they will just basically eat whatever they find. Most of the time, the foods that they eat involve other insects, mice, snakes, and certain fruits.Basically ferrets are not very picky of what they eat.

If you are ferret owner, this should not be the case. As an owner, it is your responsibility to take good care of it and provide your hog with nice home, a cage good for your ferret, and of course the proper food and nutrition.

When Do Ferrets Eat

Ferrets, unlike other animals, have a very fast metabolism which is why they are usually hungry. Ferrets usually eat eight to ten times daily. The most important nutrient they need is protein. So if you have a cat and a ferret, lucky for you since the food they eat are almost always alike. One of the most popular ferret foods are food pellets because they are rich in protein. These foods are very easy to find it is almost all the time available in pet store and in your veterinarians clinic or office.

But just a reminder, you still need to read the ingredients at the back to make sure that it is made of healthy ingredients. Also, make sure that the top ingredient of the pellet is lamb or chicken since they are meat that are rich in protein.

Other Foods that I can Provide to my Ferret

If in case you ran out of pellets for your pet, it is important to know what other foods you must give to it. First, it is important to know that ferrets should not be given foods that are rich in carbohydrates, specifically fruits, vegetables, rice, and other foods that are rich in sugar. One reason for this is that ferrets are not other like other carnivores. They have sensitive digestive system and cannot properly digest such foods.

Also, allow your pet to try different foods so that in case they you have to change its diet, the ferret will adjust easily.