Fun Five Mixed Drinks You Can Do At Home


Here are five fun drinks you can do at home. Thanks to YouTube tutorials that you can watch anytime. You can catch more of these delightful films like those in YouTube from filmy online cz.

1. Mango Smoothie

This contemporary drink comes from Thailand, and is widely sold in various beverage outlets. It tastes good and fresh, mango smoothies are a mixture of mango mashed into smoothies, then given a legit whipped cream, plus a cold mango sorbet, and fresh sweet mango chunks. When taken by mouth, the texture is a little thick and soft, but its freshness doesn’t need to be doubted. Suitable to drink when the weather is hot, or when encouraging the champion team to compete.

2. Iced milk coffee

Iced milk coffee has mushroomed everywhere, this current drink is loved by many people because it tastes sweet and cold. This coffee blend is actually fairly simple. Only needed ice cubes, coffee base (powder and sweetened condensed milk), fresh milk, and 1 shot epsresso measuring 30ml. When stirred together, the taste of this coffee becomes light, tasty, and fresh. Suitable for those of you who don’t really like the taste of strong and sour coffee.

3. Thai tea

It’s sweet, cold and legit. Not only in cafes or restaurants, now these Thai drinks can be found on the roadside. Thai tea is blended with black tea named Bai Miang, which when it is brewed tends to be orange. The legit sweet taste of Thai tea, is a combination of sugar or sweetened condensed milk, so the taste and texture is more creamy than tea in general.

4. Bubble tea

Pearl milk tea or bubble tea, is a contemporary drink originating from Taiwan. This one concocted milk tea, originally served with black tea such as oolong and earl gray, but now bubble tea is blended with milk and added with black pearl seeds made from springy tapioca balls. In addition, bubble tea has many variants such as chocolate, matcha, taro, to mango pudding as a topping.

5. Cheese tea

For this one, the latest innovation from Taiwanese tea concoctions. As the name implies, cheese tea is a mixture of tea and cheese. The cheese used is in the form of cheese foam, which is a combination of cream cheese and sweetened condensed milk. How to drink it is also somewhat unique, which is directly sipped from the edge of the glass so that the taste of cheese foam and tea is felt.