Food Fight Slots


Hungry for a few spins? Mire into Food Fight, a 5-reel video slot by RTG software that displays tasty treats and even more delicious wins if you spin it right. The sport has nine pay lines to play with and a 4,000 credit jackpot up for grabs, to not mention a variety of fun and exciting bonus games– during which things might get a small amount messy!

Admittedly, the sport does suffer a small amount from being outdated compared to more modern slot machines, but it does hold some vintage charm that could appeal to spinners of a retro persuasion. Check subnautica door codes out if you’re looking for a more challenging battle game.


Grubs up!

If your mom told you not to play together with your food, we implore you to ditch that and acquire your hands messy with this feast of the coin machine. The theme may be a simple one, but it’s sure to have universal appeal because let’s face it – who doesn’t like food? Of course, we’d recommend that you don’t play this game if you feel a touch peckish since it’ll only cause you to be greedy with its symbols that depict juicy fresh tomatoes, giant delicious pizza, and sweets.

If you wish your video slots to be innovative and bold on the planning front, then you may be a tad disappointed by Food Fight. Although the sport screen is incredibly colorful and there’s some merit within the essential nature of the look, especially if you’re an addict to vintage-style games.

Hungry for a few wins?

Food Fight might not be much to seem at, but it does dish out a veritable feast of wagering options, allowing players of all experience levels to spin at a stake that suits them.

The game gives players an in-depth account of each prize payout for every combination of symbols and every number of coins live. These payouts are a bit confusing as there doesn’t appear to be a constant correlation between each variety and, therefore, the number of coins placed to relinquish you a quick example, the paytable states that players who play with two currencies will receive a 500 coin prize when four pasta symbols align. In contrast, players who play with three coins will only receive 50 coins for the identical combination. Whether this is often simply right down to a typing error, or if it the case, it doesn’t quite add up, and it’s a touch bit sloppy on the sport designer’s part.

Nonetheless, players can expect to win a good sort of prize, from wins as little as two coins to stay the betting balance afloat to big wins of 4,000 coins. Plus, players who manage to line up five pudding symbols while twiddling with the maximum bet will win the progressive jackpot kitty that’s continuously rising within the top-hand corner of the screen.

Get Stuck into these Bonus Games

Food Fight encompasses several unique bonus features to interrupt up the spinning action. If you discover a cone, a scoop of frozen dessert, and a cherry symbol in any reel position on the twin spin, you’ll unlock the frozen dessert.