3 Major Factors Affecting the Price of a Wine Bottle


Just before you put back that wine on the shelf, you may want to gather knowledge why some wine bottles are associated with absurd price tag just to afford them while others can be bought with just the change you have in your pocket. This might give you the impression that some of these wines aged well or perhaps made from top-quality ingredients.

Well the truth is, there are three major contributing factors why a bottle of wine becomes so expensive and these are the following:


Wines that command high price in the market are those that are aged in oak. One of the reasons why winemakers are putting their wines inside oak barrels is because it creates oaky notes to the wine. In the process, it exposes it to oxygen.

Whenever wine has been exposed to oxygen, the tannins begin to lose part of its intensity and overall taste of wine becomes smoother. And when oxygen penetrates the barrel, portion of the wine evaporates at around 2% per year or otherwise known as “angel’s share”.


Somehow, it’s true that the older wines are more expensive compared to younger wines. However, you need to take into consideration as well that this is applicable to “red wines” only. Additionally, time is lowering the tannin and the acidity level of the wine. Wines that have been languishing in barrel for quite some time able to have better flavor. Try sampling wines that are full-bodied and smoother, you have bigger chances that you are tasting an old wine with reduced acidity and tannin.

And as per well-aged wines, expect to spend another dollar for each year it aged. The reason here is, it is taking space and also, money just to ensure that the wine is aging properly.


In addition to having the right time for wines and barrels, what makes a wine so delicious is the vineyard. Among the reasons why vineries are making an effort that there are few grapes on the vine is for those grates to pack more flavor. Meaning to say, it’ll intensify the taste of the wine.

Now that you know what make wines expensive, it will be wise if you are going to take the time to read reviews first before making a purchase.