Echoput Has Been Known in the Field of Refined Games Dishes


At the Echoput the lights are still on, but no one seems to be home anymore

The Echoput is a famous restaurant that has been known for more than half a century as an established institute in the field of refined game dishes. This is also where the Academy of Gastronomy is housed by Peter Klosse, who obtained his doctorate on categorizing and analyzing taste. The third generation is now at the helm, in the person of his son Karel.Restaurant, Food, Lunch, Dinner, Salmon, Fish, Salad

The starter of the menu is better: the pickled and cold-smoked fillet of wood pigeon with pumpkin seeds is an interesting preparation – too bad that the tender meat is still full of long, white vines. The supplied ‘endive preparations’ turn out to be a green marble made of strange, fibrous mousse and chopped endive with brown edges. The second course is ardpeer – in the form of cream, baked crispy and inlaid – with an unspoken foam of smoked sheep cheese from Garderen and all kinds of disturbing large branches of decorative chervil. None of the preparations are flavored, there is no life in it and it looks like it has been chewed from a great height on the plate.

Wild Boar – Slowly cooked and picked attorney, with cream of parsley root , broth of fox berries and roasted pork belly with lovage Statue Els Zweerink
In the menu we are served a piece of roast of red deer – it is cooked sous-vide, fried and then warmed up once more. The salt has been forgotten and three of the four pieces have been broken. The stew of the neck is hard and stiff like Parmesan cheese. There are snot-cooked boiled salsify, two small chanterelles, large chunks of raw green cabbage, and a kind of cat-chunks that the waiter calls “gnocchi of oxidized mushroom” – no idea what that means.

It is disturbing and frustrating to find that this illustrious restaurant now offers so sadly little quality. Incomprehensible that in a case that has such a history and is also closely linked to the most important taste education in the Netherlands, it is cooked so carelessly and unlovingly. The pendant lights sydney are still on at the Echoput, but no one really seems to be home anymore.