Budget-Friendly Mixed Drinks


Here are popular mixed drinks that will definitely afford. Mixed drinks can be insidious especially the drinks that are combined with fruit juices, or water, usually drink away easily. You, therefore, do not always realize that there is indeed alcohol in your body. So take it easy, take a break now and then and drink a glass of water in between.

How to Make 5 Easy Cocktails On a Budget


A Japie is a dash of gin supplemented with apple juice. Original Dutch drink natural and healthy, moreover, it is made from cereals and apples.

Bouncing ball

For a Stuiterbal you need 2/3 sambuca and 1/3 Blue Curacao . It is a solid shot with the intention to shake your head a few times before you swallow it. You will naturally bounce off.

Horse Pussy

It takes some getting used to when someone noisily orders a ‘horse’s pussy’. However, this is a drink that combines Apfelkorn with Spa red. The apple liqueur easily drinks away because of its relatively low alcohol percentage (18%). It is not for nothing that PK is extremely popular among students.

Head butt

Our grandfathers were already dropping a headache. How to bump your head? A shot of gin and in addition a glass of beer, one by one as quickly as possible.


The same idea as a head butt, only the shot of gin has now been added to the beer glass.


This is a popular long drink especially among female students. The sweet drink looks like an icecream. A Raketje consists of 20mm Bacardi Razz supplemented with Fanta. To complete the colors of the rocket, add a few drops of red Coebergh.


A naughty mix of 4/5 Sambuca and 1/5 Pina Colada. The latter in particular provides the funny ‘cumshot’ effect.

Whiskey Wicky

Have you ever heard a Spaniard say whiskey? That sounds like wicky. A Whiskey Wicky, however, is a fruity (Wicky fruit drink) alternative to the well-known Whiskey cola.

Have fun with this simple mixed drinks. Make sure that you have eaten something first. Take a bite like a fries with mayonnaise or a pizza with a lot of cheese on it. It ensures a good soil, so you can digest the alcohol better.