Mixed Drinks You Will Want To Try


Mixed drinks are often served during parties. It is a known concept. A mixed drink consists of two drinks. An alcoholic beverage, often spirits, is mixed with soft drinks , fruit juice, or even water.

Guide To Mixed Drinks

These drinks are insidious and must be handled wisely. They often taste like lemonade and many people taste less alcohol because of this, while it does actually enter your body. The top 10 best mixed drinks are discussed below.

Vodka Redbull

This is a very famous one, especially among young people. This is because it provides energy and contains alcohol. Energy drinks are a popular soft drink among young people anyway and especially in combination with vodka or vodka.

Whiskey cola

This is also a familiar one. Whiskey is not often mixed, but when it is usually mixed with cola. A third whiskey and two thirds coke is the most sensible.

Safari 7-up

Safari is also a drink for women or people who drink less strong drinks. This is also a sweet liqueur. This effect is enhanced by the 7-up.

Gin and tonic

The gin and tonic comes from England. This drink is a bit stronger and more bitter than most, this is because of the gin. Gin is most often mixed with tonic. This too is well known and is given a lot.

A baco

A “baco” is a bacardi mixed with cola. This is a very famous mixed drink, perhaps the best known. This is often given at festivals and parties. Bacardi is a fairly strong drink.


This mixed drink owes its name to its taste. This is bacardi razz mixed with fanta. Bacardi razz is the sweetest variant of the bacardi family.

Malibu cola

A malibu cola speaks for itself. This coconut rum mixed with cola is a very good combination.

Passoa gravy

This is a milder combination and is therefore often drunk by women. Passoa is a sweet drink by itself, gravy is also a sweet fruit drink. This combines very well and the taste of alcohol is almost impossible to taste.


A jagerbomb is a shot of jagermeister in a glass with a red bull. This is also very popular among young people at parties.

Horse Pussy

This mix is ​​very familiar to many students. This is apfelkorn mixed with spa red. The spa makes the drink less strong.