Management and Operations of Food Truck Business


Opening a food truck is not a walk in the park. You need to have the right tools, equipment, enough funding and of course, connection to towing company San Jose in case your truck breakdown as you travel to your next spot. Clearly, there are different success stories in this industry. But of course, it has fair share of failures too. Obviously, between the two, you don’t want to end in the latter.

Setting unrealistic expectations before making up your mind in opening your food truck will create false hopes throughout your decision-making process, particularly on the most important ones.

Management and Operations

In an effort to run your food truck, you must be ready for the streets for 6 to 7 days serving lunch and dinner. Let us not forget that you have to be present at any event in the neighborhood. Being able to own a food truck is an indication that you are working most of your waking hours from the start and close of your business.

Due to the fact that there’s a big potential for expansion and popularity attached in the mobile food industry, there are people who think of opening such business just because of the trend. They see this as a get-rich-quick scheme business. While it is true that food trucks can generate good profits, many of them will almost spend what they have made. Sad thing is that your fixed costs will not change and you will still have bills to cover every month.

Not to mention the staff you have under your employ and you have to load up your truck with food for all shifts. Simply speaking, you will need to pay for the people, fuel, ingredients and insurance. Unless you own a commercial kitchen, you’ll likely loan for the rest of the pieces of equipment you need.

Be Up and Ready for the Show

Having the experience to work in a restaurant or a food truck before gives you an edge over those who are just starting to run this business and has no idea how to navigate through the mobile food industry.