A Quick Guide to Places Where You Can Find the Best Meals in Jeddah


Jeddah serves as a gateway to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina and has always been a safe and dynamic place through which pilgrims enter in the western part of Saudi Arabia. The city is even more alive today now that the country is open to non-religious tourists; allowing visitors to simply enjoy sightseeing tours of ancient sites in which Middle Eastern history took place as far back as biblical days.

It’s not wanting in world-class entertainment, modern attractions and food outlets, either. Western visitors looking for something familiar to eat will not be disappointed as Jeddah hosts several international fast food brands spread across the city, namely McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Subway.

Yet the food scene that is always alive in the port city are the areas. where street food vendors sell the most delightful traditional Middle Eastern food treats that tourists find hard to resist. Another area that is teeming with locals and visitors is the Food Truck Park, where mobile food vendors cook and serve mouth-watering and aromatic local delights.

Since the food choices in Jeddah are abundant, including those offered by Saudi Arabia fast food chains, below are the popular food outlets that many returning tourists regard as their favorites:

Restaurants that Specialize in Middle Eastern Flavors

Drop by Shawarma Shakir Aljazeera which is a Middle Eastern grill if you’re looking for affordable and quick snacks like the traditional chicken and beef shawarma;

  • At Al Kurnaysh Rd, Al-Hamra’a, Jeddah, you can enjoy an elegant dining at Byblos, a restaurant loved by locals as they serve traditional food and flavors, including a wide variety of mixed grills, tabouleh and dessert;
  • If you’re looking for an excellent view of the Red Sea while enjoying a high-end meal in a stylish dining area. Lebanese restaurant Mataam al Sharq offers all those.

Restaurants Specializing in International Cuisine

  • When looking for Malaysia, Chinese, and Thai cuisine, Asian restaurant Toki has it all and is served in an ornate dining room;
  • Sakura on the other hand, is a cash only Japanese restaurant also available with vegan options and has a cozy dining room;
  • Pizzas cooked inside a wooden oven can be found at the Piatto restaurant alongside other hearty Italian cuisine;
  • American and Southwestern-style dishes on the other hand, can be found in a steakhouse called Texas Roadhouse.

Fast Food Saudi Arabian Style

  • Famous for their BBQ chicken, Al Tazaj is a fast food chain restaurant popular for using traditional Arabian recipe for the meat. They usually serve their chicken with meatballs or rice. Their other dishes include chicken with garlic sauce, tahina salad, and sandwiches.
  • Western-style fast food restaurant KUDU serves American-style burgers, fries, and breakfasts in all of their branches.
  • Also popular in Jeddah is Al Baik’s fried chicken, fries, and seafood offered at affordable prices. It is considered to be part of the authentic experience to eat at Al Baik at least once, and ii’s even guaranteed that you’ll be back again and again.

Suggested Food Trucks in Jeddah

  • The Sateology food truck offers unusual dishes such as rice, sates, and fries which are delicious and savory;
  • On the other hand Dr. Fele food truck are known for their sweet treats of sweet pancakes topped with chocolate, strawberries, and others;
  • If variety and lots of options are what you need, head to the Food Trucks Park found at 8709 Alkurnaysh Road Abhur in the Obhur district where there’s an entire collection of food trucks.

However, gives advice that when needing to drink water in Jeddah, be sure to buy bottled water only from trustworthy sources. Bottled water is a big business in Saudi Arabia, but not closely monitored and regulated, which means that not all bottled water proliferating in Jeddah food markets are safe.