Practical Lifestyle Suggestions


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Your whole life you eat as usual. But now you’ve decided to start eating healthier. You want to live a healthier life, and that belly can come off too. But very practical.

Before you go shopping

Make a list and make sure you have already eaten. You often hear this advice and for good reason! If you go shopping on an empty stomach, your hunger will partly determine what ends up in your cart. And if your hunger is in charge, then healthy products are usually not chosen. So first have breakfast or lunch, then make your shopping list and only then go to the supermarket. You make a shopping list not only to make sure you don’t forget anything but also to make sure you buy what you intended: healthy products. You can stick to this while shopping: that’s what you came for, and it helps to distract you from buying tasty, unhealthy products.

Breakfast products

Go get a box of crudely for fun and try to make a quick choice. Impossible! There is so much choice of muesli and other breakfast varieties and some claim to be even healthier than others. And to find out which is actually the healthiest, you will have to read the product information extensively and compare it with each other. It is an opportunity to find the healthiest variant.


It is not so strange to think that if you want to eat healthier, you should eat as little fat as possible. Yet this is only half true! You should indeed get as little of the saturated fats and trans fats as possible. But the unsaturated fats, you do have to get daily. These good fats have important functions in the body and are also important for a healthy weight.

Whole grain

When it comes to carbohydrates, it is preferable to have the majority of them consist of complex carbohydrates with enough dietary fiber. That means products in which unrefined nutrients have been processed. It has a good influence on digestion, metabolism, and bowel movements.

No sauce but herbs

You may have heard that red sauces are healthier than white sauces. In general, this is also true. Red sauces are often made from vegetables and herbs and are therefore less fat and high in calories. White sauces are often thick and usually contain a lot of cream and fat.


A lot has already been saying and written about diet soft drinks and in particular the sweeteners to replace the sugar. The sweeteners would give the same signal to your body as regular sugar: craving and craving for sweets. Aspartame is said to be a harmful substance and can affect mood.

Skinny and really skinny

When it comes to lean products, take a look at the product information on the back of the packaging. It is good to know what is in a product (such as how much sugar and fat), but it is also good to see whether a product is as healthy as the packaging leads you to believe.

Vegetables and fruit

The advice is to eat at least 200 grams of vegetables per day and 2 pieces of fruit per day. This is really a minimum for vegetables and you can certainly eat more of this every day. It contains good substances and fiber, and very few calories. Fruit, however tasty, should not be eaten too much, especially if you don’t move much. While fruits provide many vitamins, they also contain natural sugars. So make sure you have a minimum of 2 pieces, but know that you cannot eat unlimited fruit. Fruit and vegetables are nowadays at the cheaper supermarkets, such as Aldi, of very good quality, and often much cheaper! Vegetables with the evening meal are delicious, but also during the day as a snack or with lunch (such as iceberg lettuce and tomatoes).


Of course: sweets and snacks in between are not healthy. But if you are a little creative, a snack can be tasty and healthy. A bowl of low-fat yogurt with cinnamon and apple, for example. Cucumber with mustard. Pickle with tuna and a little balsamic vinegar. If you search the internet for healthy snacks and recipes, you will find plenty. It is good to also eat something between meals so that you can spread your daily diet a bit more over several eating moments in a day.

Health logos

There are several health logos. They indicate that a product is a healthy and responsible diet. That doesn’t mean there aren’t healthier alternatives or that you can eat more of them. Keep looking at the nutritional information. A multigrain fruit cracker sounds very healthy, but it can still contain a lot of sugar, and 1 cracker often contains quite a few calories.