Food & Drinks For Your Driveway Party


Delicious food and cool drinks make almost everything better including your resin-bound driveway party. Therefore, you should plan enough of everything. Having a party in a driveway paved by is perfect for every season.

Driveway party: From a cold beer to a non-alcoholic soft drink

What does a happily cared-for party guest need? In the first place:  beer! Cool the liquid gold down to 7-8 degrees. This is the ideal temperature for the hop spritzer and is particularly good when the temperature in the driveway is warm.

Also, think of the “drivers” among the guests. Get non-alcoholic beer so that they too feel they belong! Of course, other soft and hard drinks won’t harm a summer party either. To make them even more refreshing – buy ice cubes.

Which drink you should also think of. Of course, it’s coffee. The “drivers” in particular will be very grateful to you at your party and with a coffee machine, this idea is also very easy to implement.


Driveway party: From grilled meat and grilled cheese to homemade burgers

Resin bound driveways

A generous barbecue is a hit at every outdoor party. If you want it to be easier, just set up snacks like chips, peanuts, etc. You can buy both marinated and unmarinated meat for grilling. It is best to buy different types of meat so that every guest is served with his or her wishes. Of course, this goes well with grilled cheese, fresh vegetables, bread, and pineapple from the grill.

Do you have particularly eager guests? Then you can opt for homemade burgers. These fill you up much faster than turkey meat, for example, and they also taste delicious with their distinctive smoky aroma.

If the costs are too high for you, you can also think about asking the guests to bring salads, meat or drinks as a party contribution. That doesn’t reduce the fun – but it will make your summer party a lot cheaper for you.


All the trimmings – Tips for a successful driveway party

The right decoration and the ambiance at your outdoor party are decisive. So that your guests feel comfortable and can talk to each other, create communication locations and decorate everything nicely.