Try Cooked Sushi for a Change – Know Some Popular Choices


Not a few Westerners have yet to develop a complete liking for sushi because they think of the dish as just another raw-food type of Japanese food like sashimi. Actually, unlike sashimi, the main ingredient of a sushi dish is the cooked vinegar rice. Those who haven’t acquired a taste for raw fish yet. can simply order the cooked-sushi variety.

Cooked sushi has actually gained popularity as many who love the flavorful combination of vinegar rice and nori discovered that the other ingredients do not have to be raw to make the rolls delectably pleasing to the palate. Vegetables can be raw or cooked, while fruits like mango or avocado are always fresh. As for the cooked protein ingredients, some of the best tasting seafood options include poached shrimp, barbecued eel, crispy shrimp or crab tempura or smoked salmon.

Below are some examples of reasonably-priced cooked sushi near me that I order for delivery right in front of my doorstep:

The Dragon Roll Sushi

This sushi variant has quite a following because aside from the addition of crunchy shrimp tempura and fresh cucumber. The roll comes with a delicious creamy avocado topping garnished over some half-moon avocado slices made to look like green dragon scales.

While the dragon roll with shrimp tempura is my favorite, some sushi restaurants also offer barbecued eel as choice of protein. This is an inside-out variety as the ingredients are wrapped in nori and then wrapped them with sticky vinegar rice to make a sushi roll.

The Crunchy Roll Sushi

This crunchy roll is another inside-out variety. It’s similar to the dragon roll that uses crunchy cooked ahrimp tempura as protein ingredient in combo with fresh avocado. A more affordable version uses imitation crab as tempura filling. The main difference is that the sushi is rolled in toasted bread crumbs to give the sushi slices a roasted taste and crunchy textire

The Volcano Sushi Roll

This cooked sushi variety is another inside-out version in which cooked morsels of shrimp or salmon along with fresh vegetables and fruits mixed with a spread of creamy avocado are rolled with the nori seaweed before being wrapped into a roll using the sticky vinegar rice. The volcano title gives reference to the lava-like topping of cooked creamy crab salad mixed with mayo that has been spiced up with Sriracha sauce to make it look like volcano lava.